Kos Uncovered 
A beautiful Greek island, Kos is the home of Hippocrates. With an abundance of wild herbs, flowers and birds, sandy beaches, local ferries, delicious Greek food, festivals and dancing, night life and laid back anytime life, ancient and modern rubbing shoulders it literally has something for everyone.
Kos Uncovered is the gateway to three very different village on the island of Kos. Each has its own character and each offers a different holiday experience.
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Kardamena, Kefalos and Mastihari. In the following pages you can find a brief description of each one which hopefully will encourage you to then delve  a little deeper into the 'Uncovered' websites where you can find a wealth of information about each village.

The aim of 'Kardamena Uncovered', 'Kefalos Uncovered' and 'Mastihari Uncovered' is to give you as much information as possible about each village so that you don't waste precious holidays in the wrong place.

'Mastihari Uncovered' has been up and running successfully for some years so it seemed like a good time to expand a little.


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All the sites have full details of accommodations that can be booked through us. Don't hesitate to get in touch and ask any questions that you might have.

As one of our team has lived on the island for many years, you can be sure that information is fairly reliable on the whole! Daphne is always contactable whilst you are on holiday should you need anything.


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The City of Kos 


Before turning over the page to have a look at the villages, we will make a brief stop in the city of Kos  as it is a place that most people will want to visit whilst they are here.




It is a beautiful city, with wide tree-lined streets and depicts the history of the whole island within its boundaries. As this is far reaching through the centuries there is a great deal to see if you feel so inclined. From Byzantine ruins to the more recent Venetian, Turkish and Italian influences, Kos city has managed to blend everything in in a way that fits.


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With its busy harbour and ancient sites all over, narrow shopping streets and abundance of cafes and tavernas, the city is a colourful delight at any time of the day.

The Plane Tree of Hippocrates, the Castle built by the Knights of St John, the Ancient Agora, the Ancient Stadium, the Casa Romana, the museum, the mosques and  the Odeon are just some of the places that you can visit. 


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Getting around the city is easy too as there is a network of cycle tracks and small trains that take you on city tours and farther afield to the Asklepion.

There are also immaculately kept town beaches with colourful umbrellas and crystal clear turquoise sea.  All handy for cafe and bars, and many with waiter service.


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The local marina caters very well for sailing boats so Kos then becomes an excellent starting point for sailing holidays around the Aegean. There are ferry links to many other islands and so we have a base for island hopping holidays too.

The local bus service is the most economical and easy way to get to Kos city and there are services from all over the island. There are also plenty of free car parks if you prefer to drive. 

Whichever mode of transport brings you to Kos, make sure you call in to the city at least once whilst you are on the island; you may come back a second time.